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preliminary images from the first print!

(as of the end of June 2007)

This is laid out completely quick & dirty — scroll down to see all the images.

The originatory pencil drawing and a bunch of rubylith layers over it (and a big light reflection...). If you look closely you can see the tiny lines of the siding on the house, cut out of rubylith, one layer down...

More or less the same area of the poster, with the first two colors printed. The paper color (white-looking in these pictures) is light blue.

above: windows at night

below: windows in the daytime

Another part of the poster, showing horizontally oriented windows (and some baseboards):

the lights are on in the upstairs apartment...

Two colors printed so far on the bay windows/storefronts:

Again, sorry about the image quality, the random image sizes, crummy image resolution.

Wait, here's one more, outta focus:

Not too much of this part of the image is printed yet (it's going to appear mainly

in the 3rd, 4th, & 5th screens) but the rubyliths show three different zones

of the drawing intersecting: the large perspectives (the big windows in the

upper right), the plans (the line drawing of the bay window, with the wall

darkened with halftone dots), and the interior elevations (the white window

shapes on the left and lower right).

If it sounds complicated, well, it might be.

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details of the third color
details of the fourth & fifth colors
details of drawings for the last color
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