explorations and endeavors of ian jean gilpin cozzens
drawing in re. architecture

I'm working on some demos & descriptions of a) how I make perspective drawings & b) how I use the "golden section" and other geometric harmonies in laying out the composition of prints and drawings. It's not done yet — but if you're especially curious, get in touch and harass me to put it all together!

If you're interested in the golden section, its serious master is my former teacher Myron Barnstone... He has analyzed thousands of works of art and figured out a ton of ways in which the series of proportions based on the square (the foundation of the golden section / golden ratio) have been utilized throughout history & across the world.

There's not that much actual information on his website, but if you find yourself in or near Coplay, Pennsylvania (near Allentown, about an hour from Philadelphia) for a summer, and you're feeling nerdy about drawing (and able to stand up psychologically to a demanding teacher with very strong convictions and opinions), I highly recommend his drawing class.