explorations and endeavors of ian jean gilpin cozzens

"Pierre Van Passen Interviews Buenaventura Durruti, Aragon, Spain, 1936"

(hey, various color versions of this print are available in the store!)

(earlier version of this page:
fall 2007 progress report with the original drawing, translation, and some kind of statement.)

this print was begun in the winter of 2001/2. I sat outside on a milkcrate on top of a pile of rubble, and made a drawing on a sunny-but-still-cold January or February day. This is the 'long building' in Eagle Square, one end of which had its entrance on Valley St, as the other end bridged over the Woonasquatucket River.

on the same day I was drawing, my housemate took some photographs, which she gave me prints of. I was able to use those to finish the details of rubble and shadow, which my slowly-freezing hands had missed, and I worked on this off and on, with the photos as reference, in the intervening years.

this building was replaced by a national chain grocery store (opening in early 2003) which had already closed (2007) before I finally made up my mind to get it done, worked really intensively on it cutting out rubylith and sticky acetate (aka. fake zip-a-tone), wasn't able to finish it before Christmas 2007, and decided I didn't want to sell these prints to yuppies anyway.

I finished printing in January of 2008. there are a bunch of color versions, on different paper — sometimes I think this one is my favorite. but I'm not sure.

and yes, there are a bunch of copies for sale, even if you are a yuppie!