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A Whole Lotta Bad Ideas Still Left

(these prints are available in the store!)

A print made for the fund-raising "rent club" for the HBML Junk Store in Worcester, MA. The colorful top of the poster is from drawings made in the store itself, and the cityscape and figures at the bottom are adapted from a 1947(?) National Geographic photo of smoke-sleuths in Pittsburgh.

>> Jacob Berendes, progenitor and co-proprietor of HBML.

This print involved 16 or so colors, printed with 8 screens. Totally crazy.

If you want to buy this print, Jacob still has some left! This is bad business sense, I know, but by buying it from him instead of from me, you'll contribute directly to the continuation of the junk store, which is definitely one of the weirdest and awesomest places in New England right now. Go visit the store, by the way, before he gets fed up and/or totally broke, and closes it down!