.... on July 14th, 2007, you were at the Foo Fest on Empire St, in Providence, RI, enjoying a great street party hosted by AS220. Someone came up to you with a can of markers and a couple of blank books, offering you the opportunity to draw and/or write in one or the other of the books. You were encouraged to write a caption or continuation of the picture you saw, or to draw an illustration or interpretation of the writing that was presented to you. The catch — you couldn't see the drawing or writing that had inspired the person who wrote or drew before you, the page had been folded over.

The result: two mysterious stories, told in words and pictures by all of us, tapped in somehow to to the collective unconscious of a midsummer day in Providence, as we (mis)understand, confuse, illuminate, and inspire each other.

in each book, scroll down to read sequentially:

each piece of text or image is given its starting point by what's above it, and then in turn kicked off whatever is below it. ...in some way or other!

the pink book: the 4th dimension, metaphysical worlds, bearded clouds, and an inexplicable amount of female nudity.
don't worry, it's all drawn in marker.

the cover of the pink book

the yellow book: various monsters, Awesome Kondo Inc, women with inner strength, a vicious musical attack on social order, and a recurring turtle.

the cover of the yellow book

more resources towards freedom of imagination:

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anexquisitecorpse.net: ... or a more complicated one!

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— all of you. thanks!